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023 8166 1995

Independent Director

The pressures of today's business environment with the increase in legal rules and regulations, the risks faced by companies have become strategic. One small act or incident can put a company’s reputation at risk and potentially call into question its performance and ultimately its existence.

An Independent Director for ambitious companies seeking sustainable growth, my passion is to inspire business leaders to Transform Their Business. As a result, the business will increase its market value, and ensure the risk to its reputation is minimized.

I do not do quality and compliance for the sake of a certificate on the wall. What is important to me is seeing the difference in your business and more profit on your profit and loss that a good quality management system, effectively implemented and managed can give.

I am a strategic management specialist with extensive experience as a top executive, responsible for establishing the organization's long and short-term goals and implementing plans for achieving those goals. Setting business strategy to enable sustainable growth and to unlock the true value of the business.

As an Independent Director my role is to:

  • Ensure that your business is carried out diligently, ethically and with integrity
  • Ensure that your business is conducted in compliance with professional standards and accepted business practices
  • Identify and manage legal and reputational risks

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"At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security".

Jodi Rell

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